Wiley X Eye Protection

While cruising thru my email yesterday I noticed that exchange had a sale going on for Wiley X Eye Protection. For those of you wondering what the exchange is, imagine a shopping center for active US military and their dependents. Recently veterans were given access to the exchange online privileges and as such many of us who served are taking advantage of the savings. Anyhow as I said I had a look online as I always wanted another set to replace the ones we had back in the day, back in the fray. When I did an online search to compare pricing which most of us call “research” these days I found that The Gun Room Inc. right here in Portland had them in stock.

If I needed anymore prodding to drive over to the FOPO neighborhood to get a Super Deluxe hamburger and do a bit of gun store browsing this was it. I was surprised to see that The Gun Room Inc. had many different styles to choose from and at pricing that was the same as buying it online from the exchange and waiting. One word of warning if you’re planning a similar trip, if you are trying to get into both stores like I did the Super Deluxe will take awhile if you are around dinner time and The Gun Room Inc. closes at 6pm so plan accordingly.

I called The Gun Room Inc. while I waited for over 1/2 hour in the drive thru line at Super Deluxe and the person named Shaun said he’d wait for me to get there because it was looking like I was going to be late due to Super Deluxe popularity. I can’t thank the wonderful people at The Gun Room Inc. enough for waiting for me to make it and on top of everything giving me a veteran’s discount that made my purchase of Wiley X glasses even cheaper than I could get from the exchange.

The moral to my story is I had a real experience by going out and shopping in person despite my “research” online. I got a delicious hamburger, a great deal on some Wiley X glasses, and I met some great people at my new go to gun shop. Thanks Gun Room!

Thanks for the kind words, it was great meeting you and thank you for your service.