Filson Clothing

Reaching back a few years if you wanted good outside gear you got Filson and nothing else. Their start in 1897 was made possible by the gold rush and the lovely weather settlers in the NW have to face. Filson has always been made in the good old USA for quality and that tradition continues even today.

When the weather gets NW looking outside you’ll want to be reaching for the Filson gear. Jackets, pants, vests, even blankets are staples for wet and cold Pacific NW weather and if you are any sort of cowboy or cowgirl chances are you are already wearing Filson. The tin cloth Filson makes is even used by deep sea divers because it’s the only thing that withstands the rigors of the deep and dark environment. If you’re a deep sea cowboy you’re a Filson customer!

Mackinaw wool is a term for hipsters, grunge rock, Canadians, loggers, cowboys, and NW hunters that want good quality and warmth even when wet. Being a Michigander myself, I was raised on the “Mac” jacket, and I still have mine from three decades ago. Filson makes the best “Mackinaw Wool” jackets, coats, shirts , ect. in the business. Even in the Great White North where there is more dark than sun days Filson is a staple and the gear to have when the snow drifts are bigger than houses.

When I moved to the Portland area in the 1990’s I was surprised to see Filson in the upstairs showroom of The Gun Room. Yes, it brought back old memories of Northern Michigan’s dark snowy walks back with wind chills hitting triple digits. I was always comfortable, head down, walking into the blowing gale wearing my trusty “Mac” with a couple of layers underneath.

Going hunting for the first time out here in the NW with some friends meant getting some jeers because my gear was older than most of them. When the rain started to fall every one was fine, when it started to pour they looked worried. When the downpour turned into snow I was the only one left hunting. The rest of the previous jeer squad were making haste to camp to get a fire going!

Busting brush wearing Filson means I’m protected from poison oak, sumac, and ivy with just their shelter cloth, and I move silently too. Nothing beats Filson for moving with stealth and intent while pursuing big and dangerous game. Sure small game and waterfowl is a breeze but I’m mostly a big game guy and I only wear Filson wool and shelter cloth. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than being wet and cold, and spending the night wet and cold is the worst thing ever, just ask my friends! 🙂

If you are serious about staying warm and dry in the worst weather you should be looking at Filson and you should be talking to Warren at The Gun Room Inc. I did and I’m still going strong on the worst of days. Even if you are just looking for some good gear for a casual hike or camping trip, or just a blanket for your bed/couch give Warren a call (503)777-3931. Like they say at Filson “Might as well have the best”.