Colt Ceases Production Of Armalite Rifles (AR15)

Today when people are looking for Armalite Rifles they’re really looking for the reproduction AR15, the now ubiquitous black rifles that show up everywhere. The AR15 market is over saturated to the point of collapse and Colt sees this as a problem. Basic supply and demand, a simple enough tenet to business that the greedy seem to miss at their own peril.

Everyone makes an Armalite Rifle these days and I do mean everyone. Cheap parts are abundant and easily procured from your phone along with free shipping right to your doorstep. I’ve met a lot of people in my other line of work who profess gun knowledge and show me their latest “AR builds”, all the while not knowing of my other life in firearms. Everyone is an internet expert these days with websites instructing how to assemble their parts project before the mandatory selfie of accomplishment. The ease of assembly and after market whizz bangs virtually assures that every corner of the world has at least one AR15 within reach.

The AR15s’ inherent accuracy and little to no recoil means it’s America’s gun of choice. These factors spurring the copy cats and low end specials are saturating the market to the tipping point. It’s no wonder Colt said enough to the civilian market segment. Police and military get a third position on the safety making it the thing people try to emulate in looks. Call it what you will but Colt’s move puts their civilian semi-automatic AR15 rifles in to the collectible sphere not unlike the sought after snake guns.

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