It’s Duck Season

If you haven’t been paying attention to Portland’s weather lately you’re probably missing out on some of the best duck hunting of the year. It’s been so good Shaun has been like a ghost around here and cases of shells are disappearing off of the shelves. If you don’t act soon the season will have passed and you will have missed out. Don’t be that person, you’ll regret it later. The Gun Room Inc. has your duck needs covered from the clothes that you need, the guns you covet, and shells by the case.

Ducks not your game? No problem The Gun Room Inc. has more guns in the store than most big box outlets have online in all their locations. We specialize in quality firearms, and are the Portland area’s exclusive Remington Custom Shop retailer.




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Black Rain Ordnance SPEC 15

Just a quick note to those of you waiting for some Black Rain here in sunny Portland, we will have some more spec models in 300 Blackout and 556 coming in soon.

As you know by now Black Rain Ordnance rifles sell out very quickly because of their all made in America goodness that blows away pretenders like a haboob in a down range bazaar. Black Rain Ordnance makes about the best fit and finish at any price and has the ultimate trigger for operators who’s lives come down to milliseconds on mission. Get your Black┬áRain┬átoday or you’ll be all wet and wondering why you didn’t!


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