Winchester Model 42

Winchester’s Model 42 had a short but glorious life spanning from 1933 to 1963, but during it’s short life it was to become known as “The greatest little shotgun in the World”.

When the Model 42 was first introduced during the Great Depression in 1933 it was marketed as “Everybody’s Sweetheart” and picking a Winchester Model 42 up it’s easy to see why. The smooth action brings the shooter’s muscle memory to the Model 12’s realm, although shooting the Model 42 is lighter, faster and quicker.

Despite the Model 42’s popularity less than 165,000 were ever made thus making it highly collectible and sought after. Winchester took a big gamble introducing this shotgun during the Great Depression but it’s popularity and ease of use meant it put food on the table when America needed it the most. Model 42s is any sort of condition can bring thousands of dollars and they still out perform modern versions of the .410 shotgun making them sought after over all others.

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