Winchester Model 21

You can’t think about a double gun without thinking about the Winchester Model 21.When shooters talk about quality double guns names like Parker, Fox, LC Smith, Lebeau Courally, and Winchester’s Model 21. As far as production shotguns go, Winchesters Model 21 verges on custom more than not and was a very expensive shotgun to produce. The difficulty in making such a grand gun is reflected in it’s rarity and price in some of the smaller gauges such as this shotgun shown below.

Luckily at The Gun Room Inc. we usually have access to some Winchester Model 21s in various gauges and finishes through our extended network of collectors and friends. If you are looking for one of the finer shotguns for your collection give The Gun Room Inc. a call (503)777-3931 and ask for Warren, he’s been a serious collector since 1961 and has learned a thing or two.