L.C. Smith Shotguns

As far as side by side (SXS) or double barreled shotguns go none are more sought after in sidelock configuration as the L.C. Smith models produced in early America. Even in the basic field grade models L.C. Smith shotguns were beautifully made to exacting standards and meant to be used for generations. Whether it’s your first shotgun or the latest in a collection you won’t be disappointed with an “Elsie” in your hand.

Considering Lyman Cornelius Smith latter went on to make quality typewriters it’s not to much of a stretch to see how his sidelock mechanism changed the face of shooting and then the written word.

The Gun Room Inc. usually has a good supply of L.C. Smith Shotguns on the rack or in the V.I.P. area for more serious minded shooters and collectors.

Feel free to call ahead to speak with Warren about your next L.C. Smith Shotgun.