Holland & Holland Shotguns

As simple a beginning as the story of Holland & Holland is to the world of shotguns and the art of gun making it all began as a passion for bird hunting. Bird hunting and fine firearms are what The Gun Room Inc. began with as well. It is this shared passion of the sport that brings some of the very finest shotguns to the Pacific NW via The Gun Room Inc. Our V.I.P. customers enjoy life long relationships with our staff and become part of the family.

This relationship forged by the art and passion of hunting and fine firearms makes The Gun Room Inc. special in that we have three generations of bird hunting under the roof at any one time. We are lucky to have some of the best shotguns in the world to offer to the best customers in the world, our extended family of hunters.

To speak with The Gun Room Inc. about our collection of Holland & Holland Shotguns dial (503)777-3931 and ask for Warren.