Browning Superposed

What started as a project to put an over under in the hands of Americans where only bespoke English models lived turned out to be John Browning’s crowning achievement. Browning wanted to provide a quality over under shotgun to American shooters that didn’t cost as much as an English Manor to own.

Manufactured by FN in Belgium the Browning Superposed very quickly became the shotgun of choice to those who could afford it’s hefty price tag right up until Germany invaded Belgium. After the war production of the Superposed once again began and continued until the 1980’s.

While many of the late and current custom models out of Belgium are in presentation grade many of the original runs are a treasure to behold as shooters and collectors scramble to acquire them. Examples such as the pictures below illustrate the level of craftsmanship and detail that went into each and ever Superposed manufactured. The firearms in the pictures are from 1949,1950, and 1960 and these guns look as good today as they did when they were made.

The Gun Room Inc. usually has several Browning Superposed in stock at any one time but they are very collectible so our stock level is always changing. To see some of the very best shotguns ever made visit our showroom.

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