Remington Rifles

The Gun Room Inc. is Portland’s Remington Custom Center.

Remington’s 700 action has been used in more rifles than any other because it’s the most accurate action produced today.

High Grade 547 Model Rifles and Custom “C” Grade are available by special order or are very likely on our racks already, Seven Custom & Seven Mannlicher are spoken here as well.

In fact The Gun Room Inc. is the go to shop for any Remington Custom Center firearm and The Gun Room Inc. is exclusive in this regard.

There are a lot of gun shops and big box retailers selling Remington Firearms but The Gun Room Inc. is the only recognized Remington Custom Center in the Portland area.

We sell good rifles here period.

To see the full line of Remington Custom Center’s including Dakota Arms, Nesika, and Marlin Custom stop by The Gun Room Inc. on SE Foster Rd. in Portland Oregon and order one custom to your needs and specs.

Call us today and speak to Shaun or Mark for your custom creation (503) 777-3931

Remington Custom Center

547 Classic

547 Target

547 Custom “C” Grade

Seven Custom

Seven Mannlicher

700 Custom “C” Grade

700 North American Custom

700 North American SS Custom

700 Custom Sendero Stainless Steel

40-XBBR Benchrest

40-XB Rangemaster

40-XB Tactical

40-X TDR Tactical Deployment Rifle

40-X Target Interdiction Rifle

40-XS Tactical System

40-HS Tactical HB

Dakota Custom Guns

Model 76 Classic

Model 76 Classic Deluxe

Model 76 Classic Traveler

Model 76 Alpine

Model 76 Alpine Deluxe

Model 76 Safari

Model 76 Safari Traveler

Model 76 African

Model 76 African Professional Hunter

Model 76 African Traveler

Model 10 Standard

Model 10 Deluxe

Model 97 Hunter

Model 97 SS Hunter

Model 97 Outfitter

Model 97 Varminter




Varminter Deluxe

Varminter Heavy Barrel

Varminter All Weather Heavy Barrel

Nesika Custom Guns

Custom Hunter

Custom Varmint

Custom Tactical


Long Range


Marlin Custom Guns

39A Fancy

336 Extra Fancy

1895 Modern Hunter

1895 Fancy & Color Case

1894 Fancy & Color Case