Forbes Rifles

The Gun Room Inc. likes this rifle for hunting in the mountains since it’s light and accurate and chambered in the calibers we like to shoot. The Forbes M24B ultra-light rifle comes equipped with Talley scope rings allowing shooters the ability to easily attach their quality optic of choice for high precision shoots when the mountain critters have the advantage. The Forbes Rifles are know for sighting in once and shooting all bullet weights with the same point of aim.

The Forbes Rifle non-reflecting barrels absorb light instead of reflecting it like blued rifles do making a stealthy hunt easier when the game is wary. The Forbes Rifle approach is simple, when you draw a once in a lifetime tag you should do everything in your power to fill it. The Forbes M24B is a force multiplier, it’s extremely light materials, superior engineering, and manufacturing make this rifle one to recon with for any hunt. The US Military mantra comes to mind “ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain”. Don’t suffer another mile get your hands on a limited Forbes Rifle today while you still can.  All Forbes Riles come fitted with recoil pads and sling points as standard.

“In the early 80s an elk hunter went to his local gunsmith and asked for the lightest 7mm Magnum the man could build. During the completion of that project the gunsmith decided he would create the lightest, most rugged and accurate, and best balanced bolt action hunting rifle ever made. In 1985 Melvin Forbes introduced that rifle to the world.”

While sadly Melvin Forbes isn’t making riles currently The Gun Room Inc. has new un-fired Forbes Rifles in 30-06, .270, and 6.5 x 55.