Browning Rifles

John Moses Browning represents one of the most celebrated minds in the area of firearms design. More rifles, shotguns, and pistols in our modern age of self driving cars and smart devices have been designed or borrow very heavily from John Browning’s efforts in the 1800’s.

Brands such as Colt, Winchester, FN, and countless others made their fortunes with the Browning genius. His designs are a joy to handle and use, their distinct lines and angles are engineered for beauty and perfect function with the human form.

The Gun Room Inc. cherishes the work of the legendary John Moses Browning and offers some of his most acclaimed historic and modern rifles in calibers for cowboys, special forces warriors, hunters, and the casual shooter alike. Collectors have come to know that The Gun Room Inc. is serious when it comes to Browning rifles of merit and that we usually have some highly desirable models in stock or access to very exclusive collections.

If you are serious about Browning firearms you owe it to yourself to come in and spend some time talking to Warren or Steve about your next acquisition or consignment.

The Gun Room Inc. specializes in the very finest of firearms and our inventory changes daily, please feel free to call for an appointment to discuss your collection needs.

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