Beretta Nano BU9

Quite possibly the best polymer based concealed carry pistol on the market today the Beretta Nano takes it up a notch in easy to shoot and easy to carry.

Available in many different colors that the shooter can change out as the mood or tactics require Beretta has done it again. 9mm power in a slim (less than 1″) single stack profile and just about 5″ long overall the Beretta Nano prints less than a hammerless subcompact revolver. Polymer based means it literally slides out of concealment getting on target in one fluid movement. The Beretta Nano comes with two clips (one extended) a transport case and manual.

Take down is accomplished by the easy to use take down screw and can be cycled with a spent casing rim in the field like most tactical pistols worth their salt can.

Beretta Nano

Mike owns his Beretta Nano in pink, and we’re not about to give him grief for his color choice after watching him shoot it once on an advanced tactical course of fire. Come on down to The Gun Room Inc. and see the Beretta Nano for yourself, chances are you are going to be walking out with one just like Mike did when he saw his little pink gun!