Striker Fire Pistols

With a dizzying array of striker fire pistols on the market place it’s no wonder that the new or even the experienced shooter alike gets confused. At The Gun Room Inc. we don’t sell the cheapest or the most popular striker fire pistols available at big retail chains, we sell quality firearms that we would own ourselves. This in it’s self can mean we don’t agree what a “good” striker fire pistol is with everyone, but let’s face it,  “everyone” isn’t our customer base. The Gun Room Inc. has always been interested in fine firearms and striker fire pistols are no exception.

Only the best striker fire pistols are stocked from our manufacturers such as Steyr, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Sig Sauer, etc. This doesn’t mean we carry ten models from the same manufacturer, we carry only the models that we would shoot ourselves.

Used striker fire pistol makes and models are always on hand at The Gun Room Inc., often in the flavor of the month from users who decided that that magazine or internet ad marketing was a bit too effective.

Never fear!

Questions are always politely answered, and answered truthfully. We’re a family business and as such we aren’t commission based in our approach.