S&W TRR8 and R8 Models

Smith & Wesson’s TRR8 is a game changing pistol by any measure. Originally developed for tactical team entry the S&W TRR8 packs 8 shots of .357 Magnum power and features removable rails. Adding a red dot reflex sight or pistol scope is simple a matter of clipping it to the supplied rail once installed on the pistol. The removable underlug rail can accommodate a flashlight, laser, or combo unit making it equally effective for home defense as it is in the fray with a SWAT Team.

S&W’s R8 is very similar to their TRR8 Model with the exception of the molded in non-removable underlug rail, V notch sights, and white dot front sight. Things like a PC tuned trigger and stop make the S&W R8 beg to be shot fast.

Both the TRR8 and The R8 are cut for moon clips making the task of reloading under duress a quick and easy operation. There is no substitute for the .357 Magnum power and the S&W TRR8 and R8 have it in spades.

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