Sig Sauer Legion

The Sig Sauer Legion series of pistols breaks the modern firearms rules.

It’s not cheap, it’s not plastic, and it’s about as good as you make or buy right out of the box. Built for the real firearms enthusiast, or for someone who appreciates quality and is willing to pay a little more for it.

Does the Sig Sauer Legion shoot as good as the hype?

yes, yes it does!

The Gun Room Inc. isn’t known for selling junk, we are known for quality above all else and the Sig Sauer Legion delivers in spades. What’s not to love in the Sig Sauer Legion? All metal construction (something we like at The Gun Room Inc.), solid guide rod, tritium sights, PVD finish, G10 grips, unbelievably crisp trigger, trigger guard checking, front strap checking and more.

The Sig Sauer Legion comes in many configurations, calibers, and sizes so you’re sure to have one that is just right for you.

Stop by The Gun Room Inc. and see the Sig Sauer Legion for yourself, it might just be your new favorite.

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