The Snake Pit

The legendary snake guns of Colt live at The Gun Room Inc. in our “Snake Pit”.

Any gun collector will undoubtedly know the Colt Python and the Colt Anaconda, some will be surprised by the Cobra (recently reintroduced), but have you ever heard of the King Cobra, Viper, Diamondback, or Boa? Sure old guys will remember, but as younger and new shooters discover the great 7 snakes Colt produced there is a giant hole or “pit” in the second hand market.



Colt has recently reintroduced the Cobra to the market but the rest of the snakes remain elusive and extremely hard to find.

The Gun Room Inc. caters to hard to find collectible guns and fine firearms and has been with Colt ever since we got started in the early sixties. Our Colt Snake Pit inventory changes all the time so if you see that Python or Viper you always wanted act quick the snakes strike fast!