Colt Cobra

The Gun Room Inc. is happy to see the return of the snake in the form of the Colt Cobra. We’ve always sold Colt and have seen things come, go and return again over the years and Colt’s Cobra is the latest in the saga of collectible shooters. Great for carry and chambered in +P there is venom a plenty in the new Colt. Poised with confidence in the face of danger the Colt Cobra strikes with clear intention and six rounds of +P to back it up.



  • Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • LL2™ Trigger System
  • Colt Branded Rubber Grip
  • .38 Special (+P Capable), Six Round Capacity
  • 2″ Barrel Length

Test your ability as a snake charmer at The Gun Room Inc. and get you very own Colt Cobra while you can.

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