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Knives of this quality seem to be from the make believe land of unicorns. They are so rarely seen in the wild that their name lives in the shadows and myth realm. As a supplier and outfitter to some of the most exclusive outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen in the world The Gun Room Inc. prides it’s self on having a supply of edged tools for the discriminating user. Alan Warren Knives represent form meeting function to elevated art with something that you take outside into the woods.

Alan Warren Knives make fine presentations and gifts. That someone who has everything already would just love to get their hands on a genuine Alan Warren Knife.

Simply find the knife you want below in the gallery, note the serial number and the price then call The Gun Room Inc. (503)777-3931 to enjoy free shipping and big savings.

You must be of legal age and status to purchase knives from The Gun Room Inc.

40% Off Select Outdoor Wear

Don’t miss out on The Gun Room Inc’s Annual Upstairs Outdoor Clothing Sale happening now! With quality outdoor clothing costing more and more these days why not take advantage of 40% savings on select items while they last.

Planning a big game hunt this year? Think about getting outfitted before the season is upon us and there’s no time left to score your new gear. Shooting vests, coats, jackets, shirts and more all on sale.

Colt Defender Lightweight FDE

Colt’s Defender has long been a concealed carry favorite for officers and civilians alike and their Lightweight Model makes the switch to Colt an easier decision to make. The Defender pictured below features Colt’s dual spring system for reduced felt recoil and quick follow ups and married to a lighter alloy frame.

Deep concealment ability for professionals who need the proven power of a .45 at their disposal when the chips are down. The Gun Room Inc. usually has many Colt 1911s in their inventory in several different calibers such as .38 Super, 9MM, and .45 ACP.

Come see our collection of Colt 1911 pistols on display daily, or talk to Steve Wednesday thru Saturday.

The Gun Room Inc.

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Days Gone By

Wake, work, sleep, repeat, we all know the routine. “Make hay while the sun shines!”, they used to say, meaning to get stuff done when you have opportunity to do so. When it comes to making time for ourselves many Americans simply can’t or won’t. Activities have become outdoor activities, and something to be eschewed for the seeming simplicity of just staying inside to binge watch a mindless show.

Go outside and play

I appreciate a good story the same as anyone else but, we’re losing ourselves to fantasy and prepackaged table fare. Much of our time, or free time as it is today, is disappearing faster than stuffed Chinese unicorns at a fair. Free time used to go towards our once common knowledge base of living with nature, passed from parent to child and reaching back to before the words existed to express it. Today a Monday morning conversation might start with where you got your half caff latte`, where as in the past Monday’s conversation might have started with the weekend’s successful hunt. Where did those days go?

Alan Warren Knives

It’s true there are more people taking up hunting and bush craft these days, but nowhere like it was when I was small. Back then T.V. was two channels of black and white broadcast static and what was on didn’t matter because you were tired from all the fun you had outside that day. Cable came along and changed things for my sisters but not me, I was still trying to find out the best way to get a pheasant or a rabbit and dreaming of owning my very own .22 caliber Winchester lever gun.

Receiving my first BB gun was like growing up a whole step in one action, making me part of the men’s group instead of the mom’s and little kids group. Growing up without a dad made most of these rites of passage non-existent, but to my Mom’s credit she stepped up and did her best for my sisters and I. Getting my first single shot break action shotgun from my Mom was a quantum leap into adulthood, being responsible, and being me. Going camping had a whole new sense of urgency, should I bring the shotgun, BB gun, or just a pocket knife? Was there going to be any other kids with guns, or boys and girls to hunt with?

Getting my first BB gun meant I had to get any sort of job I could get to buy BBs and targets. Helping on a paper route for pocket money one day, cutting the lady down the street’s lawn the next. I was working outside every minute I wasn’t in school just to be able to play outside when work and homework were both done. Chores and homework were on the fast attack so I could still have some daylight to shoot my Daisy BB gun, there wasn’t time for video games or T.V.

Any sort of weekend or holiday was now planned out in detail to get the most out of my time available. Getting up with fishing rod and rifle or shotgun and bow meant I was greeting the sun as it rose in languid slowness to my already highly productive day. Riding my bike back home with a catch to clean or a meal to skin/pluck meant that noon was a milestone. It all had to be done by noon at the latest or supper would be late and there wouldn’t be a hearty feast.

While other kids were wasting their weekends and quarters on a new thing called video games, I worked so I would be able to go outside and learn to live off the land. I always marveled at the pioneers who made their way with a musket and a knife, or the natives still in the stone age.

After I grew up and joined the military at the very ripe and seasoned age of seventeen I got my fill of grown ups, men and women alike. I fell into the wake, work, sleep, repeat trap and let the years blink by. The rites of passage fishing and hunting were replaced by a time card and prepackaged meals. It wasn’t until somewhat recently that I joined a family who still had good values and work ethic. That family was The Gun Room Inc. in Portland Oregon.

If seeing all of these fine new and old guns has taught me anything it’s that some of the best days have gone by and some of the best ones are yet to come. Don’t let your best days go by without living a little. Treat yourself to the outdoors once in awhile before it’s too late and you can’t anymore. Teach your kids the knowledge passed onto you so they can survive in a world of partisan politics and good intentions, where decision makers spend their time glued to a T.V. to see the weather out their windows.

The Gun Room Inc. is a family friendly place where the outside is our living room and the our T.V. is a campfire where real stories are told one generation to the next. Break the cycle and go outside, The Gun Room Inc. is your outfitter in Portland Oregon with three generations of outdoors people under one roof.

Ted Nugent counts The Gun Room Inc. as family and the go to place for fine firearms and clothing.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Oregon 97206


Pop Pop BOOM!

It was early Sunday morning and I was on my way to the range to shoot pistols outdoors with my buddy Mike. I was excited because this range covered all the disciplines pistol wise and they had a 1000 yard rifle range too. Knowing that the many courses of fire would require round counts in the thousands I grabbed everything I had and tossed it into a bag. There were factory loads, reloads, protection and duty rounds in all shapes and sizes for my 357 magnum.

If I’m one thing it’s a wheel gun guy, and I’m a come lately wheel gun guy too. When I was young and dumb in the military I went by the thinking that if you could put more bullets in the gun it must be a better gun. The 9mm was so exciting, finally putting the old 1911 to rest in favor of the “newer” (cough) 9mm, what a time to be alive and carry a gun. My judgement was clouded by T.V. and Hollywood and to a large part by my peers at the time. I switched back to the old school, and threw over my 9mm pistols for the smaller and more powerful .357 magnums.

Bullets come in all shapes and sizes and today there are more boutique ammo manufacturers and rounds that promise the world than ever before. There are +P cartridges, reduced recoil rounds, subsonic hush puppies, ballistic tip wonders and just about every other thing you can think of. In the dizzing array of ammo types it’s pretty easy to make a mistake with ammo. Selecting the correct bullet for your pea shooter shouldn’t be hard. The first thing a shooter needs to do is figure out which caliber they need to feed their handgun. Marked on every gun, usually on the receiver or barrel, is the caliber it is chambered for. This is a rated pressure the manufacturer says is safe for the particular firearm, it is not recommended that you exceed this pressure with factory or reloaded ammo. Some will say +P and will handle the extra sauce, some will not. You should never shoot +P ammo in a handgun that’s not rated for it or you might end up with a bloody stump.

Meanwhile back on the range I’ve got a bubblegum machine selection of rounds in my packet I’m charging my starving cylinder to feed the drill at hand. My Smith & Wesson R8 is running pretty good and chewing up the competition. When I’m down to the last handful of loosies I decide to shoot my tiny little Smith & Wesson 640-1 to clear out the months old Hornady Critical Defense .357 Magnums I’ve been running and jumping with. I make gorgeous hits and decide to shoot the last of my pocket ammo up since I have exactly 5 rounds left. It’s a mixed bunch of various poppers that my gun gobbles up one two three then a much louder and bigger bang followed by a boom that made a fireball go all the way to the ground. My finger tip felt like I just had my finger nail ripped off and my forearm was aching from the blast. Something was amiss as I’ve never even shot a .44 Magnum that peppered me like that little .357 Magnum did. Once I was able to finally swing the cylinder out I wasn’t able to eject the shells.

If I had been shooting a weaker gun I might not be typing this today, and as for my greed when free ammo comes in, well it’s definitely lessoned. My buddy Mike said “That’s why I always shoot the same ammo, consistency.”. His matter of fact statement said volumes to me and my stinging hand. The moral to my story is don’t shoot free reloaded ammo you don’t know a thing about. Yes free is cheap but at what expense? Those last two rounds I shot parted the cases and flattened out the primers, they were tough to extract but truly the little stainless J frame was over built and am I ever glad it was. The post explosion inspection revealed the little Smith & Wesson was none worse for the wear, had that been in one of my wonder 9’s I’d be called stumpy today.

Always be aware of the gun you are preparing to shoot and what ammo you are shooting. If you have a question about which ammo your gun will safely shoot take it to your local gun shop and ask. Fingers don’t grow back!

When Quality Comes First

And so it goes we received another Colt 1911 that eschews the common clone for the full Colt Custom experience.  Upon initial inspection the pistol looks like many others, but it’s fundamentality different and requires a closer look for the uninitiated to make the lights go on.

Despite being no longer offered at Colt’s Custom Shop The Gun Room Inc.’s long time relationship with Colt reaps benefits in the form of a one of a kind Colt Custom 1911 worthy of the title.

With features that include; a reverse crown barrel with thick stainless EGW bushing and recoil plug, custom round butt mainspring housing and frame. For sights the Colt wears Novak with gold front and plain black rear, Ed Brown beavertail grip safety, strong side safety lock, 25 LPI checkering with enhanced cut, laser engraved “Rampant Colt” and Colt Custom Shop logo, flat top and serrated slide with border arrow head pattern, grey G10 grips with Colt logo, dehorned, silver 3 hole trigger and last but certainly not least enhanced reliability package.

  • extractor tension adjustment
  • tuning of the sear and disconnector
  • polishing and contouring of thebarrel throat
  • adjustment and test firing of allincluded mags
  • adjustment of the ejector
  • lowering and flaring of theejection port
  • polishing of the feed ramp

This Government Model is a Series 70  in 45ACP 5″ barrel blued.

As mentioned above this is a one of a kind Colt Custom Shop and much of the work is no longer available in the Colt Custom Shop. This gun was a multi-year wait to manufacture and receive from Colt and it won’t be offered again in this configuration. Expect to pay more than the big box store clone 1911 that you are thinking about.

The Gun Room Inc. is known for the hard to get exceptional firearms that we feature on our pages here and in the shop.

To inquire about this fine Colt Custom Shop 1911 Government stop by our shop:

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Oregon 97206

(503) 777-3931

Lost And Found

The headline is a bit misleading, but it still holds merit. This morning when I put my feet into my boots and put on my trusty Stormy Kromer jacket I had to decide between my toque or my Stormy Kromer hat, the wind was too cold and too strong for my ball cap. In the end I opted for the Stormy Kromer hat, it had a loss guarantee from Stormy Kromer and besides that it functioned as the ball cap I wanted to wear but offered the warmth of the toque.

Those of you who are from the more Southern latitudes will be wondering what a toque is, think knit hat or beanie and you have the picture. While pretty good in the snow most offer no sun protection for your face like a billed hat does, and a billed hat is the type that gets blown off your head and offers no warmth. Stormy Kromer checks off all the boxes so it’s what gets worn when the wind is up and the chill is down.

If you’re a high latitude sailor or hunter chances are you probably know what a Stormy Kromer hat is, those below 45N who wear them are mostly the younger crowd who see it as a fashion statement rather than necessary gear. The fashion thing I get, but I’m more of a function guy, Stormy Kromer definitely has some pretty fashionable offerings but man it’s the go to function wise.

As a technical fabric nothing beats good old fashioned wool sheared from actual sheep to keep you warm and happy, wet or dry. I’m not talking about sublimated dye patterned polyester, I’m talking dyed in the wool gear for outdoor activity. It reminds me of the difference between my old summer dress white uniform and my dress blues, the dress whites were polyester, and my dress blues were wool. I definitely preferred the dress blues on watch or out on liberty over the dress whites. Did I mention that Stormy Kromer is made in  the US, can you say that about your hat or jacket?

It’s true that when you buy a Stormy Kromer hat that you can go on their website and register that hat to take advantage of the free replacement program. If you lose your Stormy Kromer they’ll replace it for free for one year, that’s how sure they are of their product and it’s ability. Stormy Kromer makes a pretty good toque as well, their women’s mohair and wool blend beanie is my favorite because it’s so soft. Who cares if it’s made for women? I wear it when the snow drifts high and the days are dark and short, it doesn’t make my head itch after wearing it all day like an acrylic hat does. My Stormy Kromer coat and vest are about as good as it gets, and the Stormy Kromer hat selection is large enough that I always have something that looks as good as it works.

I get my Stormy Kromer gear at The Gun Room Inc., but I really haven’t had to get any since 1994 with the exception of a couple of new styles of SK hats. My originals are still working as good today as back when I first bought them all those years ago.

get you some!

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland, Oregon 97206


Hoyt Archery 2019 Models In Stock

If there is one thing I hate when I go to the grocery store it’s when they put up Christmas decorations the next day after Halloween. To combat this oppressive consumerism I go down to the local gun store and get my chakras realigned.

Sitting there against the wall were some suspicious looking packages with Hoyt written on them. Putting down my seasonal chai candy cane tea, and picking up the box made me think it was Christmas early and the room began to spin.

When I came back to the real world I asked the archery pro Shaun what’s in the box and he nodded, smiled, and said 2019 Hoyt bows. I didn’t get past the REDWRX-3 Carbon before the vapors started coming on again and I had to sit down. It was light as air and I was convinced I was dreaming.

What brought me back to reality this time was Shaun waving a new for 2019 bow called the “Helix” in front of my face. That bow in my hand made me instantly grow a 5 o’clock shadow and throw my chai tea into the trash.

If you are like me and new to hunting throw that pumpkin spice latte into the trash and spend your money on something worth wile and get yourself a new 2019 Hoyt Archery Bow in stock at The Gun Room Inc.

Ask for Shaun and get the goods all setup to your specs.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland, Oregon 97206




The Digital Divide

In the up coming weeks The Gun Room Inc. will be launching an online store to bridge the digital divide. Many other gun stores have already made the move with digital online sales to qualified FFL holders/stores, but we have remained out of the mainstream side of the market.

The Gun Room Inc. has always been about fine firearms for hunting and collecting, and never into the plastic fantastic generation of guns and gun owners like the other guys. That being said The Gun Room Inc. will be focusing on the hard to find good stuff rather than being a clearing house for plastic guns. If you are looking for “tacticool” you’ll be better off with the other shops, if you want an original issue Colt single action The Gun Room Inc. has your six.

Once the main framework is up and running The Gun Room Inc. will offer additional items for the hunter and distinguished shooter looking to outfit themselves with the best gear.

In the future The Gun Room Inc. will be offering our Archery Pro Shop items no FFL required for the bow hunter looking for an edge. Our resident Shaun only sells what he’d hunt or has hunted with so you know it’s going to be right.

Yes the future of the Gun Room Inc. is looking better all the time, and soon people who live far away will be able to view and shop our extensive line of upper end rifles, shotguns and hand guns.


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