Emerson Knives

The Gun Room Inc. stocks and orders knives for our elite military units and professional customers, but you can have one too. The Gun Room Inc. is proud to carry the Emerson Knife in it’s many forms for the working man to the special forces operator. Our customers demand the best and finest guns and knives for their hard earned dollar and The Gun Room Inc. delivers. We are the NW Hunting Headquarters and the #1 source of fine and collectible guns & knives on the left coast. Stop in and meet one of our friendly sales staff on 5537 SE Foster Rd. Portland Oregon 97206.


Emerson Knives are “The Number One Hard Use Knives In The World.” There is no doubt about that. Before Emerson Knives, there were no tactical knives. Emerson Knives introduced the Tactical Knife to the world as a result of the relationship Ernest Emerson had forged with the US Navy SEAL teams in the early 1980’s, a time when their existence was still a secret to the general public.

Emerson Knives are jealously coveted by elite military and law enforcement units the world over and have set the standard by which all other Tactical Knives are judged.

cqc7bAt a time when knife companies had never heard the word tactical, and years before any company even had a category called Tactical Knives, Emerson Knives Incorporated was formed with one single goal in mind: to build the best military and law enforcement edged weapons in the world. They were called “Tactical Knives” and they took the knife world by storm. The iconic Emerson CQC – 7 became the number one Tactical Knife of all times, and it is still dominates the market 20+ years later.

Emerson Knives have literally, been there and done that, having served the world’s most elite special operations soldiers in every world conflict and secret mission for over 20 years. They have been carried into harms way with the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, Delta Force, Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, the US Marines, CIA Special Activities Division and even the legendary British SAS, the founders of modern Counter-Terrorist forces. In fact, recently an Emerson CQC-7 that was used the raid, in fact, that killed Usama Bin Laden was sold at auction for $35,400 making it the most expensive and valuable production knife ever produced.