Brownell/Kimber 22LR

Before many of today’s shooters were even born a legend named Lenard M. Brownell transformed firearms into working art that lives even till today. (Lenard M. Brownell, 1922 – 1982)

While going though an estate for one of our long time collectors we pulled a few gems that we originally sold back in the Kimber heyday. Of the batch there were several standouts from Jack Warne and his son Greg Warne with one that stood above the others. Upon closer inspection we saw we had the missing Brownell/Kimber custom .22LR serial #2453 as written about in several magazines and articles. It’d been awhile since we had this rifle in out hands, 1981 to be exact. Kimber commissioned Brownell back then to introduce what would later be designated the model 82.

Brownell/Kimber 22LR One Of A Kind

The “Kimber Connection” is talked about in the American Society Of Arms Collectors article here