Starting around 2005 during the heady heights of the tech boom era Sitka Gear was founded from the start to be different. With a focus on the mountains Sitka gear soon evolved to be the world leaders in technical fabrics and gear for the outdoorsman and hunter.

The Gun Room Inc. has always been known for quality guns, gear, and hunting so it was no surprise when we became one of the first companies to stock and use Sitka gear. From the early mornings in the swamp to the heights of the timberline and everywhere in between Sitka gear has just what you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable.

Our resident hunter Shaun has been using Sitka Gear in the field virtually everyday since it became available. Shaun’s experience hunting in the steep, deep, dark and damp everyday means The Gun Room Inc. is stocked with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Stop by The Gun Room Inc. and get yourself geared up for the next season in Sitka Gear. Available in camo and solids for any occasion.