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The Gun Room Inc. acquires new pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns daily both new in box from the manufacturers as well as rare and hard to find private sale collectibles. If you haven’t stopped in recently you really should. Here’s a peek at what’s going on right now. Give The Gun Room Inc. a call (503)777-3931 and strike iron while it’s hot!


Wheel Guns

With so much of the shooting crowd using semi automatics it’s worth mention that the most reliable of pistols have never gone out of fashion. With the best accuracy of the small arms gamut the old reliable wheel gun or revolver still crosses the T’s and dots the I’s as the go to for compact carry, ease of use and supreme accuracy.

Where high capacity magazines and “spray and pray” mentalities abound the revolver stands on it’s own for the shooter who knows one well placed shot ends all discussion. Single action shooters and competitions continue to proliferate using replicas and real steel revolvers that grandpa used to carry. You don’t have to be a cowboy or Kojack to know that the wheel gun isn’t going anywhere soon.

From the slim full house compact 357 in air-weights and hammerless configurations that are perfect for a hot summer day and the outfits they demand to the long barreled target and match grade shooters the wheel gun does it all!

Calibers come in all shapes and sizes and so does the revolver, The Gun Room Inc. has it all collectible to match grade, to ultra light no printing sub compact 357s.

Give us a call (503)777-3931 “Go ahead make your day”.

Pocket Pistols

The Gun Room Inc. has the pocket carry pistols you desire like the Sig Sauer 938 Scorpion, a favorite of 1911 shooters who want 9mm power in a package that drops into a pocket.

Sig Sauer Scorpion 9mm

Sig Sauer Scorpion 9mm

Sig Sauer 938 Scorpion

Sig Sauer 938 Scorpion

Those of you looking for an easy to use striker fire pocket pistol will love the Beretta Nano, it comes in a myriad of colors and has the accuracy and dependability that Beretta owners have come to count on. Mike owns his in pink, he’s deadly accurate with it too! We’ve never been so afraid of the color pink before!

Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano

Get your pocket pistols at The Gun Room Inc. or call us for your next favorite gun (503) 777-3931





1911 Spoken Here

Colt 1911 Government

Colt 1911 Government

At The Gun Room Inc. 1911 isn’t just spoken here , we have different dialects. The Gun Room Inc. takes great pride in our 1911 collection which ranges from the basic MILSPEC to the full match custom, and in calibers you probably didn’t know were available in the 1911 design.

Colt Defender 1911 Stainless Steel

Colt Defender 1911 Stainless Steel

Take the Colt 38 Super 1911 for example, a cartridge that history tried to relegate to the past in 1934 when the .357 came out and was adopted for police carry. The 38 Super’s popularity is on the rise again in IPSC competitions and remains as the caliber of choice for accuracy and balanced power.

Colt 38 Super 1911

Colt 38 Super 1911

Come and see some of the very finest 1911 models today at;

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Or 97206

or give us a call (503) 777-3931


The Days Are Getting Shorter And The Air Has A Chill

It’s true that this time of year when the days are short and the air is cold the inner hunter awakes in us all. Whether you are a man or a woman the increased urgency to get up early and do something this time of year is an ingrained biological clock that ticks to get prepared for the winter. They love this time of year at The Gun Room Inc. as it means more time to scratch that itch that wakes us up before the birds and gets us outside. Hunting and fishing is what we are wired for and we gleefully stock our larders with game and fish to meet the winter head on in comfort, warmth, and security knowing that our clock is correct and our families are provided for.

Getting a hunting trip in is hard in today’s modern lifestyle, let alone a p.t. session in the ever demanding times we live in. To battle the people who chip away at our precious little time most of us follow the internal clock that Mother Nature put into motion the day we were born. Stomping thru the dark on a trail in the bitter cold may seem extreme to some but to those of you afflicted the same way as us it makes perfect sense. The Gun Room Inc’s  customers like to be first, they like to win, and they look towards the future at the same time as remembering the lessons of the past.

A great many of The Gun Room Inc’s customers like hunting with bows and come to them because of Shaun’s legendary Archery Department and massive bush skill. At The Gun Room Inc. they have some of the best gear on the planet for the bow hunter and archery enthusiast, not to mention Shaun will build you the “one off” that you dreamt about while counting sheep in your warm bed.

Myself, I’m a primitive hunter and (not so primitive as to use a bow) anything in my arsenal requires judicious use of black powder and big slow heavy lead. For me The Gun Room Inc. has everything I need to cast lead and work up loads for my 45-70 or .50 muzzle loader. My girlfriend is more of a modern hunter and uses wildcats that amaze me with their flat trajectories and unusual calibers. She’s a big fan of The Gun Room Inc.’s gunsmith Mark Fox because he gets the utmost accuracy out of some of the best looking rifles I’ve ever seen. Sure it aint cheap but she’s worth it if you ask her!

For those of you that caught the waterfowl bug (lucky I escaped that malady!) The Gun Room Inc. has you covered with the biggest selection of waterfowl shotguns and accessories anywhere in the greater Northwest region. When I have shotgun questions I always talk to Warren, he can paint the sky like Michelangelo when we shoot clays, and just about everyone else there can too. Nobody knows the region better for waterfowl than The Gun Room Inc., and nobody has more options for the even the worst case of duck fever then they do.

The Gun Room Inc. was founded on the principal of good guns and fine firearms over quantities of crap and plastic. Many of the guns I use today are older than myself and are highly prized by the people I shoot with, so when they ask where they can get one I always tell them the Gun Room Inc. that’s where! I don’t work for The Gun Room Inc., and I didn’t get anything to write these thoughts down out of them, this little article is aimed towards the beginner and the experienced alike who are looking for the very best money can buy. If you want to talk to me about this article or any guns that you may be looking for just flag me down. I’ll be the guy on the trail ahead of you whose headlamp you see bouncing off in the distance. My clock runs a bit fast!


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