Archery & Bow Hunting

It’s obvious when you walk into The Gun Room Inc. that you’ve entered an old school gun store but did you know we do archery too? If you’re a hunter chances are you know about the rich tapestry of hunting and lore that the walls whisper of here, and upstairs is no different. Despite our name on the marque The Gun Room Inc. has been quietly rigging and building bows for decades now. Where the downstairs area is full of rare and collectible firearms the upstairs is bristling with new high tech bows and arrows that would make NASA’s material scientists green with envy.

You won’t find the typical offering of gear you normally see at a big retail establishment or even online in the myriad of websites professing bow greatness. In fact you don’t hear much about The Gun Room Inc.’s archery and bow hunting unless you’re an archer yourself. In the age of information some of the best kept secrets are spoken around a campfire with friends and family you cherish. Tales of big bulls and bucks are punctuated with the pops and crackle of a warm fire burning in the cool dark evening. The words are foreign to some and too others it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

When describing a season to the uninitiated some are surprised to hear that practice and training starts in June when the weather is warming and the days are long. Coming home after a hard days work might mean it’s beer thirty for Joe Sixpack but for an archer it means time to loose some arrows while there is still daylight. With the advent of Hoyt Archery’s new Helix models for 2019 it means you can shoot in silence to hone your skills without irritating the neighbors who live close by. Practicing your breathing, your draw, aim, release, and follow through are things an archer does to make the best out of his or her hunt or match.

Getting the right archery package isn’t quite as easy as finding a bow online and adding to your cart. It’s technical, it’s artful, it’s based on experience and physical ability as well as cost and intended purpose. Not everyone will have a bow camp guru sharing pearls of wisdom and practical experience, for those who don’t we have our archery expert Shaun. Whether it’s your first bow or your next in a long line of bows Shaun has the setup for you and your unique skills and abilities. Each of our archery systems is tailored to you, it fits you because it’ll be you shooting it, it’s as individual as you are.

Since we are in the second week of June and bow season is right around the corner Shaun is offering custom packages at a savings to help wake your inner archer.

Shaun can be reached most days he’s not in the field, woods or savanna by calling (503)777-3931.

Days Gone By

Wake, work, sleep, repeat, we all know the routine. “Make hay while the sun shines!”, they used to say, meaning to get stuff done when you have opportunity to do so. When it comes to making time for ourselves many Americans simply can’t or won’t. Activities have become outdoor activities, and something to be eschewed for the seeming simplicity of just staying inside to binge watch a mindless show.

Go outside and play

I appreciate a good story the same as anyone else but, we’re losing ourselves to fantasy and prepackaged table fare. Much of our time, or free time as it is today, is disappearing faster than stuffed Chinese unicorns at a fair. Free time used to go towards our once common knowledge base of living with nature, passed from parent to child and reaching back to before the words existed to express it. Today a Monday morning conversation might start with where you got your half caff latte`, where as in the past Monday’s conversation might have started with the weekend’s successful hunt. Where did those days go?

Alan Warren Knives

It’s true there are more people taking up hunting and bush craft these days, but nowhere like it was when I was small. Back then T.V. was two channels of black and white broadcast static and what was on didn’t matter because you were tired from all the fun you had outside that day. Cable came along and changed things for my sisters but not me, I was still trying to find out the best way to get a pheasant or a rabbit and dreaming of owning my very own .22 caliber Winchester lever gun.

Receiving my first BB gun was like growing up a whole step in one action, making me part of the men’s group instead of the mom’s and little kids group. Growing up without a dad made most of these rites of passage non-existent, but to my Mom’s credit she stepped up and did her best for my sisters and I. Getting my first single shot break action shotgun from my Mom was a quantum leap into adulthood, being responsible, and being me. Going camping had a whole new sense of urgency, should I bring the shotgun, BB gun, or just a pocket knife? Was there going to be any other kids with guns, or boys and girls to hunt with?

Getting my first BB gun meant I had to get any sort of job I could get to buy BBs and targets. Helping on a paper route for pocket money one day, cutting the lady down the street’s lawn the next. I was working outside every minute I wasn’t in school just to be able to play outside when work and homework were both done. Chores and homework were on the fast attack so I could still have some daylight to shoot my Daisy BB gun, there wasn’t time for video games or T.V.

Any sort of weekend or holiday was now planned out in detail to get the most out of my time available. Getting up with fishing rod and rifle or shotgun and bow meant I was greeting the sun as it rose in languid slowness to my already highly productive day. Riding my bike back home with a catch to clean or a meal to skin/pluck meant that noon was a milestone. It all had to be done by noon at the latest or supper would be late and there wouldn’t be a hearty feast.

While other kids were wasting their weekends and quarters on a new thing called video games, I worked so I would be able to go outside and learn to live off the land. I always marveled at the pioneers who made their way with a musket and a knife, or the natives still in the stone age.

After I grew up and joined the military at the very ripe and seasoned age of seventeen I got my fill of grown ups, men and women alike. I fell into the wake, work, sleep, repeat trap and let the years blink by. The rites of passage fishing and hunting were replaced by a time card and prepackaged meals. It wasn’t until somewhat recently that I joined a family who still had good values and work ethic. That family was The Gun Room Inc. in Portland Oregon.

If seeing all of these fine new and old guns has taught me anything it’s that some of the best days have gone by and some of the best ones are yet to come. Don’t let your best days go by without living a little. Treat yourself to the outdoors once in awhile before it’s too late and you can’t anymore. Teach your kids the knowledge passed onto you so they can survive in a world of partisan politics and good intentions, where decision makers spend their time glued to a T.V. to see the weather out their windows.

The Gun Room Inc. is a family friendly place where the outside is our living room and the our T.V. is a campfire where real stories are told one generation to the next. Break the cycle and go outside, The Gun Room Inc. is your outfitter in Portland Oregon with three generations of outdoors people under one roof.

Ted Nugent counts The Gun Room Inc. as family and the go to place for fine firearms and clothing.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Oregon 97206


Hoyt Archery 2019 Models In Stock

If there is one thing I hate when I go to the grocery store it’s when they put up Christmas decorations the next day after Halloween. To combat this oppressive consumerism I go down to the local gun store and get my chakras realigned.

Sitting there against the wall were some suspicious looking packages with Hoyt written on them. Putting down my seasonal chai candy cane tea, and picking up the box made me think it was Christmas early and the room began to spin.

When I came back to the real world I asked the archery pro Shaun what’s in the box and he nodded, smiled, and said 2019 Hoyt bows. I didn’t get past the REDWRX-3 Carbon before the vapors started coming on again and I had to sit down. It was light as air and I was convinced I was dreaming.

What brought me back to reality this time was Shaun waving a new for 2019 bow called the “Helix” in front of my face. That bow in my hand made me instantly grow a 5 o’clock shadow and throw my chai tea into the trash.

If you are like me and new to hunting throw that pumpkin spice latte into the trash and spend your money on something worth wile and get yourself a new 2019 Hoyt Archery Bow in stock at The Gun Room Inc.

Ask for Shaun and get the goods all setup to your specs.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland, Oregon 97206




Archery Season Is Here

It’s happening again, another archery season is upon us here in the Pacific NW and the hunting is hot. If you’ve drawn your tag and are done putting salmon in your freezer it’s time to get out in the field and put some arrows to work.

Some of you folks out there don’t have your quiver loaded or your bow strung and are wondering about that old crusty bow you had problems with last year. The Gun Room Inc. has a full archery section upstairs and a resident bow guy that’s here to help. Shaun has bow hunted in Africa and taken some big and dangerous game with a bow where other have feared to tread with big iron.

If you need a new rig or want some arrows, a release, sights or anything else give Shaun a call (503)777-3931 and make your next hunt successful.



Hoyt Archery Summer Savings

I know it’s hard to think about anything when it’s so darn hot outside, but bow season is right around the corner so it’s time to get with the program. Sitting here in The Gun Room Inc’s air conditioned showroom I’m amazed at how many really good Hoyt Archery bows there are available for a song. Granted some are new old stock but the elk don’t care about that one bit.

One thing I noticed is The Gun Room already has the 2019 Hoyt Archery bows in stock and Shaun has even built up a couple of real nice bows that are field/hunt ready. I’m not an Olympic level archer, heck at best I pull a string once or twice a year just to keep fresh and relevant. When I look at the Hoyt Archery bows being built by Shaun I know it’s time to upgrade no matter my skill level because I just can’t pass on a deal like they have going on now.

For some reason I feel I need to own one of the new Hoyt Archery REDWRX Carbon builds Shaun has dangling neatly in front of me as he puts together another one for a customer.

I’m also needing a new quiver of arrows and thankfully Shaun has me covered on that end. When I’m out with my friends it’s good to have arrows that look different than theirs, sort of like golf balls with numbers I guess. The real thing about my arrow selection is I’m color blind. I have to pick fletch colors I can see in the bush for that fact alone.

Yes, the Hoyt Archery REDWRX is looking like it’s finding a new home, and it comes with it’s own case which is a plus because now I don’t need to find one myself or pay any extra money. Thanks Hoyt Archery! There was more archery stuff than I expected to find at The Gun Room Inc. to be honest, and I for sure wasn’t expecting to meet a pro like Shaun there.

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

Filson Since 1897

It’s the giving time of year, Christmas makes it easy to give that someone special the gift of gear. Whether you like to hunt, fish, hike, or just be outside nothing warms the heart like Filson. The Gun Room Inc. has Filson gear in stock in our upstairs archery/clothing showroom for any activity. We even see military divers come in for tin cloth working clothes because they are the only thing that stands up to the rigors of deep sea and salvage diving. You don’t have to be a cowboy to appreciate the best in outdoor clothing! As they say “You might as well have the best!”.

Sitka Gear

Hunters rejoice in The Gun Room Inc.’s collection of Sitka Gear performance outdoor wear. New and old patterns in layer technology ensure that everyone is comfortable in the worst conditions the field throws at you. Come in and get the Sitka pattern you always wanted.

KORE Essentials

Everyone who carries a concealed firearm has come to realize that their belt is a weak link in their carry system. To address this often overlooked item The Gun Room Inc. stocks KORE Essentials belts. KORE Essentials come in one size to fit all, simply trim to fit and you’re done. Talk about a great stocking stuffer with KORE Essentials you can’t go wrong.

The Gun Room Inc. stocks cleaning kits, holsters, slings, gun belts and ammo carriers, and more! Stop in and see the stuff of dreams for your special someone and give them the gift of the outdoors for Christmas.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Oregon, 97206


New Sitka Clothing In Stock At The Gun Room Inc.

That’s right, we’ve been re-stocked on the Sitka Gear Sub Alpine and Timber patterns for the hunters out there feeling the itch. The big game hunters are loving the Sub Alpine for deer and elk and they are loving the mobility and quiet that Sitka Gear provides.

With ducks and geese the hunters go for the Timber pattern to great effect. As we all know when the weather gets to be at it’s worst the hunting gets to be the best and with Sitka Gear we are able to capitalize on that without freezing to death or being too encumbered with clothing. Sitka Gear performs, it’s a system that allows you to be protected but not handicapped to keep warm and dry.

When it comes to hunting The Gun Room Inc. is your NW Hunting Headquarters and has been since 1965. Our staff has grown up hunting and shooting here in the NW and offers real insight to what a hunter in the NW needs. You won’t find a big box store mentality here, we use what we sell and we stand behind what we sell. Resident waterfowl specialist Shaun has boots on the ground/marsh experience that has been earned through many seasons afield doing what hunters dream of.

Questions about gear or guns are answered with real knowledge not marketing hyperbole by a person who’s never been hunting a day in their life. The Gun Room Inc. offers honest deals on the best the NW has to offer.

Stop in and see us today on the corner of SE 56th and Foster, you will be glad you did!


Archery Season

It’s archery season again in the Pacific Northwest and that means great deals on great archery gear. Custom built bows and arrows mean that there is a bow that will fit anyone looking to get into archery hunting girl or boy alike.

When on a once in a lifetime hunt you’ll want the gear to keep you comfortable and quiet and The Gun Room Inc. delivers with brands like Sitka and Core 4 Element keeping you covered in any conditions.

The days get shorter and draw out the primitive programing in archery hunter’s brains to grab that trusty bow and put meat on the table. Trophy hunters chose Hoyt Archery and The Gun Room Inc. to make their dreams come true, and when it comes to archery hunting no one does it better than our resident pro Shaun.

Give Shaun a call to get your custom bow fitted to you and your needs (503)777-3931.

Don’t wait or the season will change and you’ll have missed another opportunity.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Come on down to The Gun Room Inc. for your last minute Christmas shopping needs. The Gun Room Inc. is offering discounts on clothing and hunting gear, pistols, rifles, shotguns you name it we’ve got it.

Check out our used gun collection and get something any shooting enthusiast would love in their stocking.

Cleaning supplies and gun cases make great gifts for that hunter in your life, plus you might find something for yourself while you are here.

Give us a call (503)777-3931 and talk to one of our friendly sales staff and have a Merry Christmas!


New Hoyt Archery Defiant Series In Stock

Come down to The Gun Room Inc. and talk to Shaun about a new Hoyt Archery Defiant series bow.

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