Hoyt Helix

Hoyt Helix

Roller Cable Guard:
Silky smooth roller guards make for a smoother draw cycle and reduce friction for increased efficiency and shot performance.

ZT Pro Cam and Pro Turbo Cam Technology:
Our all-new ZT Pro (Zero-Torque) Cam creates a balanced side-to-side load with the patent-pending Split-Cable System, eliminating the need for a flexible cable guard.
This reduces cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel resulting in dead-center accuracy.
The ZT Pro Cam is faster and smoother than its predecessor and is our highest let-off cam to date.
The ZT Pro Turbo Cam, unique to the RX-3 Turbo bow, is the fastest cam in our entire product line.

X-Act Grip System:
Consistent and proper hand placement is critical for accuracy and the grip has everything to do with that.
Through in-depth research and development our Engineers have fine-tuned the overall grip width, angle and shape of the X-Act Grip resulting in consistent hand placement for ultimate accuracy shot after shot.

Rear Stabilizer Mount:
Integrated rear stabilizer mounting location allows for convenient use of a rear stabilizer to customize the balance of your rig for ultimate consistency and accuracy.

Shock Pods:
Our all-new Shock Pod Vibration Damping System kills vibration in the bow riser for smooth dead-in-hand performance and a deadly silent shot.

StealthShot Technology:
Hoyt’s innovative and time-tested StealthShot™ string suppression system got upgraded with an all-new proprietary material to kill noise and vibration more than ever.
In addition to crushing noise, the StealthShot also increases accuracy by providing for a cleaner, crisper release of the arrow from the string for a more forgiving shot.