Archery/Bow Hunting

The Gun Room Inc is known for it’s hard to find and rare firearms but did you know we offer the very best in archery? Our resident archer Shaun has bow hunted all over the world all the while building bows for some of the best hunters here or anywhere.

Shaun hates to be indoors when there is something to do outside and has an answer for every season so it’s likely he knows a thing or two about what you are trying to do afield with archery,

The Gun Room Inc. has all of the archery and bow hunting gear you will ever need all in our upstairs archery room. Our on site private testing range means that before you leave the store your bow will be sighted and perfectly fit to you.

With three generations of outdoorsmen (and women) available almost everyday you are sure to get the experienced and focused help you need on every purchase, and if you don’t it means we’re in the woods ourselves.

Call Shaun (503)777-3931 today before the next season.