Corona Virus Gun Sales

The Gun Room Inc will be closing early each day at 5pm promptly until this COVID crisis is over, we appreciate your understanding and patronage.

First Time Buyers, you will need an Oregon DMV Issued Driver’s License or Photo I.D. in order to purchase a hand gun. No exceptions!

First Time Buyers, you can not order a gun online and have it shipped to your house!

All Buyers must submit to a Background Check + Finger Printing. No exceptions!

Any background check showing felonies, violent crimes or sex related offenses in the past 10 years, and misdemeanors involving violent crimes or sex related offenses in the past 5 years, will result in an automatic background check fail.

No Californian can purchase any gun in Oregon, you voted for it so suffer it now.

Washingtonians may purchase any long gun but not handguns with proper Washington DMV Issued I.D. (Washington residents may get their handgun purchase transferred to Washougal Mercantile for pickup there)


.22LR, 22 WMR, 6.5 Grendel, .308, 7.62X39, .556 Cal, .223 Cal, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, 10MM, .40 Cal Ball Only, .38 Special Hollow Points Only, 9mm , .44 Mag 300 WIN MAG, 22-250,25-06,45-70,30-06,.32 Winchester Special,.45Long Colt Critical Defense .380 Auto, in stock as of today 07/12/21 call (503)777-3931 and ask for “Big Tony” the Ammo King to make sure it’s still in stock. The Gun Room Inc. does not do internet sale transfers/FFL Transfers and suggests you support your local gun shop instead.

New Shipment of Glocks, Colt Pythons, Colt King Cobras, Sigs, and S&W Magnums going fast! updated 07/12/21

Corona Virus Specific Rules

No More than TWO CUSTOMERS in the store at any one time.

No looky loos or loitering, only purchasers and those picking up firearms will be allowed in the store.

Remain at least 6 feet apart from other people in the store including sales staff or you will be asked to leave.

No children will be allowed in the store and elderly are advised to stay home and shelter in place.

If you are sick, or show signs of sickness you will not be admitted to the store or asked to leave.

These rules are for our safety as well as yours.

Lower Cost Handguns

Due to the extreme surge in demand The Gun Room Inc. has brought in some lower cost pistols we wouldn’t normally sell to just help out our local customers and first time buyers on a more restrictive budget. These guns will be first come first serve until they are gone. This step is to help out the local resident first time buyer who just wants a gun to feel safer in their home and life. The Gun Room Inc. remains the NW Hunting Headquarters and home to fine and collectible firearms.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd

Portland Oregon 97206