Parker Brothers

Not to be confused with the “Monopoly” Parker Bros., the Parker Brothers of Parker Shotguns produced what some people consider the best American made shotgun to date. Offerings go back to 1867 and are still being used by hunters and sportsmen today.

The now legendary Parker Shotgun has been highly prized by collectors and was for many who could afford one the family forager. Every Parker Shotgun tells a story when you pick it up, wood and steel become functional art with warmth and richness oozing out of every subtle curve. Parker Shotguns become life long partners and get passed to the next generation telling the tales of adventure in every little scratch or barrel ding.

Some Parker Shotguns were destined to never be carried or shot, they are the very definition of exquisite craft. I don’t collect Parker Shotguns I can’t shoot, to me it needs to earn it’s place in the rack. I came into The Gun Room Inc. a week ago to do my normal computer nerd stuff and somehow a shotgun ended up in my hands. A quick look at the serial number told me it was manufactured in 1913. I had already put my money down before anyone else had a chance to beat me to the finish line. When you pick up a good gun you know it, and this one knew it was mine before I did.

I immediately imagined an upland hunt with the now new to me Parker Shotgun all the while hearing chatter about how it should be in a safe. “Eh, it’s going to be a shooter plain and simple.”, I said to shocked faces admiring it. After all what’s the point of finally achieving a life long goal like scoring a good Parker Shotgun and then not using it? In my estimation that would be a sin for a shotgun as nice as this to not be used for what it was built for. (sorry game animals)

I’ve seen a great number of Parker Shotguns at The Gun Room Inc. over the years and finally I’ve got one of my own to keep my other side by sides company. If the Parker Brothers have been on your mind and you don’t play with “Monopoly” money you probably owe it to your self to check out what The Gun Room Inc. has or has coming up shotgun wise. If you’re persistent or lucky like I was that day you might just get the gun of a lifetime.

note: the Parker Shotgun pictured in the story line is not the higher grade shotgun the writer is writing about