Upland Game

Upland game season started with a long hot day of silence. Fire restrictions in Southern Oregon where I was at the time precluded shooting of any kind so I got to choring. I was at my mom’s doing wrench work, but thinking of double guns and dogs the whole time. The double gun mystique and classical hunting style are coming back to some younger shooting enthusiasts and with good reason.

I didn’t grow up on the left coast, so when I moved here for work I was a bit disappointed to hear good upland birds weren’t a thing. Turkeys have been on the rise in some counties / units and success is usually pretty good if you know where to go but ring-necks really aren’t a thing to speak of here. To me a morning walk with my dog could yield a fine dining experience later that evening as the family sat by the fire and talked about things families do.

Ever since I walked into The Gun Room Inc. all those years ago I’ve been chasing my youth trying to find that one side by side that speaks to me. I’ve passed a few times on some models that were out of my reach price wise but as I found out, the price just keeps heading North. I came in looking for an LC Smith but was awestruck by a Winchester Model 21 the last time. Remembering the emotional scars of passing on a gun that I liked only to have it be gone the next time I came in motivated me to pull out my folding money and my plastic too.

Cha Ching! The sound in my brain from the old timey cash registers of yore went off as I shakily put my mark on the papers. My body was feeling weak from the adrenalin that was pumping throughout it’s system, ears rushing with blood I barely heard the older guy at the counter say he’d throw in a box of shells and a sock for it. I’m pretty sure there was talk of shooting on Friday nights but I didn’t care, I just took a step back in time and heard my grandfather’s kind voice saying “Good shot”.

Essentially I’m reliving some of the best experiences of my youth and passing down the knowledge my grandfather shared with me to my daughters and sons. A good shotgun doesn’t have to be pretty, but in looking at a really good one you’ll find they usually are. This Winchester Model 21 will likely end up with my daughter, she’ll likely leave it to her kids and so on thereby keeping the mystique and tradition alive for generations to come. Don’t let time pass you by, go and get your classic SXS before time is lost and start your family traditions today.

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