Meeting Elsie

I’m not a gun expert like everyone online is or claims to be, but I like to shoot because it’s fun. On a particular sporting clays instructional shoot with Threat-Solutions I decided that I needed a new shotgun. It was just a bit too fun and I wanted to tailor my shooting style with a new shotty. There was the choice of over and under or side by side to be made, trap or field barrel length, straight or pistol stocks, etc.

My shopping trip began in earnest while out doing other chores I’d stop into Cabela’s or the Sportsman’s Warehouse and most recently to Coastal with no luck. There wasn’t any quality shotguns that met my needs in the style I wanted and what the other places had was more run of the mill stuff you’d expect from a tactical driven market economy. While at a range someone suggested that I should try The Gun Room in Portland, it’s a place of much contention on the internet but my curiosity was peaked so I stopped by to form my own opinion.

When I walked in the first thing I noticed was a rack of second shotguns that really didn’t look like anything I was into but, I looked a little more and found gold. My first pick was a Merkel SXS, it was beautiful, everything about the gun was absolutely perfect and it wasn’t like anything I’d seen at any of the other shops. I found another and another, Rizinni, Zoli, Winchester and more. When I decided it had to be a side by side I drilled down into the inventory and finally decided on a Merkel. It wasn’t until I was ready to do paper work that I was presented with an option that I overlooked.

The guy behind the counter named Warren, handed me a gun that was 1/3 the cost, used, and not quite as pretty as the Merkel. As soon as I mounted it I was sold, it was wonderful and I questioned the make as I had never heard of it. “What’s an LC Smith?” I asked Warren. It had double triggers and color case hardening plus it was a sidelock and not a box lock. I’d only seen sidelocks of the quality the old LC Smith had from vaulted houses like H&H or Lebeau Courally that were way out of my budget. The bores were like mirrors and the wood was proud to the metal like a gun built by a watch maker, it’s fit was absolutely impeccable.

Taking a chance we wrote it up and did the paperwork saving me several thousand dollars over the Merkel I was going to buy. The first outing brought some of the more knowledgeable shooters to look at it, each in turn offering to buy it from me on the spot. I was puzzled at the response the old gun was bringing from the shooters so I decided to look it up on the web. Apparently the gun was 100 years old and shot like it was made to break the clay pigeons by mere thought. I loved shooting it! It was like the first time shooting as a boy and hitting what I was aiming at.

The treatment I got at The Gun Room was singular, it was a much different gun store than I’d been to in the past and something I am looking forward to again. I simply can’t wait to bag a turkey or a pheasant with the old LC Smith, and now I’ve learned that America produced one of the finest shooting sidelocks ever produced. If you’re in the market for a fine shotgun you owe it to yourself to check out The Gun Room and see what might be lurking in the shadows.

Customers like you are the reason we are in business.

Thanks for coming in!

The Gun Room Inc.