Classic Colt 1911s

When collectors are looking for unique and collectible 1911s there is The Gun Room Inc. then there’s everyone else.

Seeing the Colts with factory letters like the British lend lease, USMC, Argentine Govt., etc. I get excited knowing I have a piece of history in my hand. I found this video below on youtube which helps to explain what the lend lease program is.

Remembering these old guns from when I served, and when they were being replaced with the Beretta M9 really takes me back. I’ve shot and carried both and when I was discharged I went for the old 1911 instead of the Beretta 92. Sure I had a 92, but I sold it for the old war horse that I still have to this day. The round count is in the 10’s of thousands on my 1911 and the only thing I’ve had to replace was a worn extractor. Considering the functionality and high quality of the old gun I’ll probably be passing it on to the next generation and to hers when she has kids of her own.

If you are into 1911s then chances are you’ve already to The Gun Room Inc., if not do yourself a favor and make it a regular stop as the wonders never cease and they’re always changing.