Carry Mistakes: Summer Is Coming

The concealed carry movement has been about as fashionable as stand up paddle boards and free shipping. It seems like everyone has a concealed carry pistol these days and most of them bear some similarities to each other. One of the more unfortunate trends is carrying a pistol that’s too big to conceal in the current fashion trends today’s shooters are wearing. Technical fabrics and compression garments mean that hiding mid and full size handguns is even more difficult.

I see it all the time when I’m working counter-side, people are looking for a better Kydex holster, something more comfortable than their current Kydex holster that prints less. Usually what they are really saying is they bought the wrong handgun and come hell or high water they are going to make it work because that’s what “the guy” on youtube said to use. Picking the right handgun for the job and the way you’re intending to carry has some variables that need to be accounted for to help solve that problem.

Looking at law enforcement statistics available from self defense shootings reveals that most encounters are stopped with three or less rounds. It begs the question why do we need so many mid and full sized handguns targeted to the concealed carry market? Tactical looking handguns with multiple spare mags, mag covers, holsters, trigger covers, knife, spare knife, flashlight and so much more being touted as everyday carry would make a person believe they were fighting a war single handed when they go outside.

All the marketing and product placement in movies make a regular person think they need to have all the gear just to be part of the club or they’ll be mocked by their peers. (shaming in today’s vernacular) In truth those same such people will come back years later to sell off their misguided purchase in hopes of getting the right gun this time round. Some people will just expand their collection and have a good range gun, a zombie gun, and a carry gun to round it all out. As their own personal experience and knowledge base grows some may go back to the good old reliable pocket revolver as it just makes sense. The revolver has been making a bit of a comeback lately and many magazines and websites have been talking about them and their merits. Sure a bit of that resurgence are manufacturers wanting out of the stagnant sales pond of an oversaturated market, part of it is revolvers still play a roll to this day.

I love carrying a small light Smith & Wesson in my shorts pocket in the summer and on my waist in the winter alike. My 340PD is lighter loaded with magnum power than my similar sized single and double stack pistols and it prints less. Drop a gun in your cargo shorts pocket and go run a few blocks and see how it actually carries. Holster selection can make or break a carry gun and for me if it’s up against my body I don’t want a holster burn as a reminder of the days activities. Getting a pocket holster for your pocket pistol or a Sticky Holster for IWB carry can make something that usually sucks easy if not comfortable.

When shopping for your next holster or carry gun shopping online is not your friend, your local gun store is your go to for good fit and comfortable carry. For me the proof is in the pudding, shopping online for something so intimate as with a carry gun and holster setup is about as backward as you can get. Making your personal decisions off of someone else’s youtube carry choice is not sensible. Support your local gun store and they will help protect you from the pitfalls of clever online marketing and well wishing friends who are experts. Ask to see several models and whittle down the choices, throw in a wheel gun or two as the results might just surprise you.

When you carry you’re carrying for your protection and the protection of your loved ones, don’t assume someone knows your situation better than you. Make your choices for you and on the premise that it’ll be you carrying that mass of plastic or metal not the person trying to sell you something. Owning many guns and holsters isn’t a bad thing it means there is no single solution to the varied and complex problems or concealed carry. Take a class, train, imagine that the seasons change and with it so do choices for carry. If you have questions consult your local gun store or go in a gun store and see what works for you. Stay away from big name retail stores they run a numbers game and as such the deal is slated towards their goals not yours.