Archery & Bow Hunting

It’s obvious when you walk into The Gun Room Inc. that you’ve entered an old school gun store but did you know we do archery too? If you’re a hunter chances are you know about the rich tapestry of hunting and lore that the walls whisper of here, and upstairs is no different. Despite our name on the marque The Gun Room Inc. has been quietly rigging and building bows for decades now. Where the downstairs area is full of rare and collectible firearms the upstairs is bristling with new high tech bows and arrows that would make NASA’s material scientists green with envy.

You won’t find the typical offering of gear you normally see at a big retail establishment or even online in the myriad of websites professing bow greatness. In fact you don’t hear much about The Gun Room Inc.’s archery and bow hunting unless you’re an archer yourself. In the age of information some of the best kept secrets are spoken around a campfire with friends and family you cherish. Tales of big bulls and bucks are punctuated with the pops and crackle of a warm fire burning in the cool dark evening. The words are foreign to some and too others it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

When describing a season to the uninitiated some are surprised to hear that practice and training starts in June when the weather is warming and the days are long. Coming home after a hard days work might mean it’s beer thirty for Joe Sixpack but for an archer it means time to loose some arrows while there is still daylight. With the advent of Hoyt Archery’s new Helix models for 2019 it means you can shoot in silence to hone your skills without irritating the neighbors who live close by. Practicing your breathing, your draw, aim, release, and follow through are things an archer does to make the best out of his or her hunt or match.

Getting the right archery package isn’t quite as easy as finding a bow online and adding to your cart. It’s technical, it’s artful, it’s based on experience and physical ability as well as cost and intended purpose. Not everyone will have a bow camp guru sharing pearls of wisdom and practical experience, for those who don’t we have our archery expert Shaun. Whether it’s your first bow or your next in a long line of bows Shaun has the setup for you and your unique skills and abilities. Each of our archery systems is tailored to you, it fits you because it’ll be you shooting it, it’s as individual as you are.

Since we are in the second week of June and bow season is right around the corner Shaun is offering custom packages at a savings to help wake your inner archer.

Shaun can be reached most days he’s not in the field, woods or savanna by calling (503)777-3931.