The Digital Divide

In the up coming weeks The Gun Room Inc. will be launching an online store to bridge the digital divide. Many other gun stores have already made the move with digital online sales to qualified FFL holders/stores, but we have remained out of the mainstream side of the market.

The Gun Room Inc. has always been about fine firearms for hunting and collecting, and never into the plastic fantastic generation of guns and gun owners like the other guys. That being said The Gun Room Inc. will be focusing on the hard to find good stuff rather than being a clearing house for plastic guns. If you are looking for “tacticool” you’ll be better off with the other shops, if you want an original issue Colt single action The Gun Room Inc. has your six.

Once the main framework is up and running The Gun Room Inc. will offer additional items for the hunter and distinguished shooter looking to outfit themselves with the best gear.

In the future The Gun Room Inc. will be offering our Archery Pro Shop items no FFL required for the bow hunter looking for an edge. Our resident Shaun only sells what he’d hunt or has hunted with so you know it’s going to be right.

Yes the future of the Gun Room Inc. is looking better all the time, and soon people who live far away will be able to view and shop our extensive line of upper end rifles, shotguns and hand guns.