Corona Virus And Gun Sales

Corona Virus has arrived from China and with it fear of the unknown. Gun sales always go up in times of the unknown and this is no exception.

As we navigate the boarded up restaurants and bars along the streets on the way to the shop let’s keep a few things in mind.

First Time Buyers, you will need an Oregon DMV Issued Driver’s License or Photo I.D. in order to purchase a hand gun. No exceptions!

First Time Buyers, you can not order a gun online and have it shipped to your house!

All Buyers must submit to a Background Check + Finger Printing. No exceptions!

These rules/laws put upon your Second Amendment Rights will undoubtedly cause a delay so expect to not be taking your gun home that day.

No Californian can purchase any gun in Oregon, you voted for it so suffer it now.

Washingtonians may purchase any long gun but not handguns with proper Washington DMV Issued I.D.

9MM, .223, 5.56, & .45 Ammo is back in stock as of today 07/13/20

The Gun Room Inc. does not do internet sale transfers/FFL Transfers and suggests you support your local gun shop instead.

Corona Virus Specific Rules

No More than TWO CUSTOMERS in the store at any one time.

No price shopping or loitering, only purchasers and those picking up firearms will be allowed in the store.

Remain at least 6 feet apart from other people in the store including sales staff or you will be asked to leave.

No children will be allowed in the store and elderly are advised to stay home and shelter in place.

If you are sick, or show signs of sickness you will not be admitted to the store or asked to leave.

These rules are for our safety as well as yours.

Lower Cost Handguns

Due to the extreme surge in demand The Gun Room Inc. has brought in some lower cost pistols we wouldn’t normally sell to just help out our local customers and first time buyers on a more restrictive budget. These guns will be first come first serve until they are gone. This step is to help out the local resident first time buyer who just wants a gun to feel safer in their home and life. The Gun Room Inc. remains the NW Hunting Headquarters and home to fine and collectible firearms.

The Gun Room Inc will be closing early each day until this crisis is over, we appreciate your understanding and patronage.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd

Portland Oregon 97206


Lionheart Regulus and LH9 Models In Stock

These pistols won’t last long, LH9 and LH9C Models are flying out of the shop, don’t wait for your last chance on a built all metal 9mm. The Alpha Regulus and Beta Regulus are high end smooth shooting easy to use action semi-autos that have all the tactical mods done out of the box.

Come see them for yourself before they are gone!

Guns Going Fast

Bear in mind if you’re shopping for firearms that The Gun Room Inc. doesn’t do online FFL Transfers from internet sales and that 9mm ammo is hard to come by.

We’re down to our last New Series Colt Python, and some of the more collectible Colts such as the Single Action Army and some limited Colt 1911’s.

We are very limited on our Black Rain Ordnance Fallout AR15 rifles and completely out of our Cobalt Kinetics Premium AR15 rifles at this time. The stock is rotating daily so keep checking in.

If you’re wanting a pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle don’t wait until they are all gone like other shops and states get yours today at The Gun Room Inc.

Purchaser Background Checks are very back logged still today so be prepared for a wait of up to several days.

The Wheels Keep Turning

Long before the Glock 19 there was already a legendary firearm named the Model 19. The first Registered Magnum or Combat Masterpiece to be later designated the Model 19 was a wheel gun. Revolvers have been in the background from the end of the 80’s till now, but being in the background isn’t always a bad thing.

The ubiquitous polymer and mass produced low end high capacity pistols found a footing with people looking for cheap alternatives to the forged and hand fitted firearms of the time. These plastic fantastic guns offered low cost coupled with higher capacity making it easier to get into shooting (also not a bad thing). Profits from lower cost production techniques meant that manufacturers shifted focus and marketing to increase that bottom line. Potential shooters that were previously excluded because of cost could now afford the latest striker fired pistols and the ammo they shot.

Wheel guns seemed to be at the end of their reign and relegated to the back of gun shops or Grandpa’s closet. Serious shooters and collectors kept on buying them but the geezer crowd seemed to get smaller and smaller as the years clicked by.

Things have been changing over the last 5 years with more and more young shooters buying revolvers for home protection, fun, power and accuracy. All things wheel guns excel at as it turns out! The media and advertising still push the plastic fantastic, it drives profits for both, but reality of shooting scenarios bear a different metric.

Everyone has a cousin or knows a vet that will be the expert of everything gun related, and who’s opinion is the only one that matters. The guy in that T.V. show I watch on about everyday office work comes to mind here. The guys all think they are John Wick but If a revolver feels right for you then get a revolver.

Seeing the younger people asking for wheel guns these days makes me think there’s hope for the future yet. Having fun with wheel guns is an activity everyone can enjoy and they’ll teach you to be a better pistol shooter.

Don’t miss out because that old revolver isn’t in the latest installment of comic hero movie number 3, get some ammo and have some fun.

You’ll be glad you did!

The Missing Brownell/Kimber .22 Cal

Before many of today’s shooters were even born a legend named Lenard M. Brownell transformed firearms into working art that lives even till today. (Lenard M. Brownell, 1922 – 1982)

While going though an estate for one of our long time collectors we pulled a few gems that we originally sold back in the Kimber heyday. Of the batch there were several standouts from Jack Warne and his son Greg Warne with one that stood above the others. Upon closer inspection we saw we had the missing Brownell/Kimber custom .22LR serial #2453 as written about in several magazines and articles. It’d been awhile since we had this rifle in out hands, 1981 to be exact. Kimber commissioned Brownell back then to introduce what would later be designated the model 82.

The “Kimber Connection” is talked about in the American Society Of Arms Collectors article here

For me coming into to work once a week to do computer stuff is always thrilling when I see stuff like the Brownell Kimber .22 with engraving by Bob Evans and wood by Brownell. Rarified air indeed! Sitting right next to the Brownell Kimber is Kimber’s first 375 H&H Magnum!

If you want to own the Legendary Brownell Kimber you should talk to Warren asap, the production rifles that are modeled after this special rifle go for many thousands and are not available anywhere.

The Missing Brownell Kimber with engraving by Bob Evans
The Missing Brownell Kimber
Kimber’s BGR 375 H&H

Call The Gun Room Inc. (503) 777-3931 and ask for Warren to view the extremely collectible Kimber Rifle Collection before they are gone from view for another decade or four.

Ruger SR1911 Koenig Custom

We’ve seen a couple of the beauties come thru from Ruger’s Custom Shop by way of the TALO Distributor and they are gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to shoot. Not intended as a carry gun but one that functions well in that regard the Koenig Ultimate Comp model is meant to be a range runner. She shoots as good as she looks with reloads happing as if by thought because of the magwell mod. Match barrel and flat trigger mean getting accurate hits in the 10 ring are a breeze even for shooters advanced in their age.

Come get one before they are gone!

Manufacturer: Ruger
Dimension: 5.45 X 11.30 X 13.15
Height: 5.4500
Width: 11.3000
Length: 13.1500

Parker Brothers

Not to be confused with the “Monopoly” Parker Bros., the Parker Brothers of Parker Shotguns produced what some people consider the best American made shotgun to date. Offerings go back to 1867 and are still being used by hunters and sportsmen today.

The now legendary Parker Shotgun has been highly prized by collectors and was for many who could afford one the family forager. Every Parker Shotgun tells a story when you pick it up, wood and steel become functional art with warmth and richness oozing out of every subtle curve. Parker Shotguns become life long partners and get passed to the next generation telling the tales of adventure in every little scratch or barrel ding.

Some Parker Shotguns were destined to never be carried or shot, they are the very definition of exquisite craft. I don’t collect Parker Shotguns I can’t shoot, to me it needs to earn it’s place in the rack. I came into The Gun Room Inc. a week ago to do my normal computer nerd stuff and somehow a shotgun ended up in my hands. A quick look at the serial number told me it was manufactured in 1913. I had already put my money down before anyone else had a chance to beat me to the finish line. When you pick up a good gun you know it, and this one knew it was mine before I did.

I immediately imagined an upland hunt with the now new to me Parker Shotgun all the while hearing chatter about how it should be in a safe. “Eh, it’s going to be a shooter plain and simple.”, I said to shocked faces admiring it. After all what’s the point of finally achieving a life long goal like scoring a good Parker Shotgun and then not using it? In my estimation that would be a sin for a shotgun as nice as this to not be used for what it was built for. (sorry game animals)

I’ve seen a great number of Parker Shotguns at The Gun Room Inc. over the years and finally I’ve got one of my own to keep my other side by sides company. If the Parker Brothers have been on your mind and you don’t play with “Monopoly” money you probably owe it to your self to check out what The Gun Room Inc. has or has coming up shotgun wise. If you’re persistent or lucky like I was that day you might just get the gun of a lifetime.

note: the Parker Shotgun pictured in the story line is not the higher grade shotgun the writer is writing about

Colt Ceases Production Of Armalite Rifles (AR15)

Today when people are looking for Armalite Rifles they’re really looking for the reproduction AR15, the now ubiquitous black rifles that show up everywhere. The AR15 market is over saturated to the point of collapse and Colt sees this as a problem. Basic supply and demand, a simple enough tenet to business that the greedy seem to miss at their own peril.

Everyone makes an Armalite Rifle these days and I do mean everyone. Cheap parts are abundant and easily procured from your phone along with free shipping right to your doorstep. I’ve met a lot of people in my other line of work who profess gun knowledge and show me their latest “AR builds”, all the while not knowing of my other life in firearms. Everyone is an internet expert these days with websites instructing how to assemble their parts project before the mandatory selfie of accomplishment. The ease of assembly and after market whizz bangs virtually assures that every corner of the world has at least one AR15 within reach.

The AR15s’ inherent accuracy and little to no recoil means it’s America’s gun of choice. These factors spurring the copy cats and low end specials are saturating the market to the tipping point. It’s no wonder Colt said enough to the civilian market segment. Police and military get a third position on the safety making it the thing people try to emulate in looks. Call it what you will but Colt’s move puts their civilian semi-automatic AR15 rifles in to the collectible sphere not unlike the sought after snake guns.

The Gun Room Inc. usually has more than a few Colt models in stock on a given day, whether it be snake guns or AR15s.

Give The Gun Room Inc. a call (503)777-3931

Upland Game

Upland game season started with a long hot day of silence. Fire restrictions in Southern Oregon where I was at the time precluded shooting of any kind so I got to choring. I was at my mom’s doing wrench work, but thinking of double guns and dogs the whole time. The double gun mystique and classical hunting style are coming back to some younger shooting enthusiasts and with good reason.

I didn’t grow up on the left coast, so when I moved here for work I was a bit disappointed to hear good upland birds weren’t a thing. Turkeys have been on the rise in some counties / units and success is usually pretty good if you know where to go but ring-necks really aren’t a thing to speak of here. To me a morning walk with my dog could yield a fine dining experience later that evening as the family sat by the fire and talked about things families do.

Ever since I walked into The Gun Room Inc. all those years ago I’ve been chasing my youth trying to find that one side by side that speaks to me. I’ve passed a few times on some models that were out of my reach price wise but as I found out, the price just keeps heading North. I came in looking for an LC Smith but was awestruck by a Winchester Model 21 the last time. Remembering the emotional scars of passing on a gun that I liked only to have it be gone the next time I came in motivated me to pull out my folding money and my plastic too.

Cha Ching! The sound in my brain from the old timey cash registers of yore went off as I shakily put my mark on the papers. My body was feeling weak from the adrenalin that was pumping throughout it’s system, ears rushing with blood I barely heard the older guy at the counter say he’d throw in a box of shells and a sock for it. I’m pretty sure there was talk of shooting on Friday nights but I didn’t care, I just took a step back in time and heard my grandfather’s kind voice saying “Good shot”.

Essentially I’m reliving some of the best experiences of my youth and passing down the knowledge my grandfather shared with me to my daughters and sons. A good shotgun doesn’t have to be pretty, but in looking at a really good one you’ll find they usually are. This Winchester Model 21 will likely end up with my daughter, she’ll likely leave it to her kids and so on thereby keeping the mystique and tradition alive for generations to come. Don’t let time pass you by, go and get your classic SXS before time is lost and start your family traditions today.

The Gun Room Inc.

5537 SE Foster Rd.

Portland Or 97206


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